audacity vs garageband


This advanced world of ours is giving us way too many options for what we want! It doesn’t matter if you want a new PC or software to edit different audio for creating a new music track. Of course, we are not going to talk about buying a new PC… Today, we are going to talk about two of the best audio editing apps and see which one will win the audacity vs Garageband battle.

audacity vs garageband

What is Garageband?

Before we start comparing Garageband to audacity and find out which one can answer all our needs, we have to know each of these software better.

GarageBand is an audio recording and editing tool that is accessible on Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads, as well as laptop and desktop PCs. The app is a robust multitrack recording studio replete with fantastic loops, remarkable editing/production/sharing tools, and compatibility with third-party digital instruments.

Garageband takes up a lot of space on phones and tablets, but it’s worth it. It is intended to provide a fantastic musical experience to everybody, regardless of expertise.

Play Smart Instruments as is or with assignable scales/chord progressions; stack rhythms in the Drummer matrix to create bespoke grooves; sync Live Loops to activate DJ tools; and record any live sound with Audio Recorder.

The outstanding characteristics of Garageband make it perfect for music and podcast production. Smart Instruments can tune chords to any key; Autoplay, Note Editor, and Quantizer improve articulation and help students stay on time.

What is audacity?

Lets’s go further into audacity vs Garageband battle and get to know the second competitor. If you want to create a podcast or record music, or if you just need a tool to compile and convert audio samples, Audacity is one of your best options.

Audacity is a dedicated, free, and open-source audio editor that has been available for years. This software allows you to simply import, mix, and merge audio files before rendering the outcome as a single file. It also has spectrogram and spectral views for examining frequency response, as well as flexible editing down to the sample level.

However, there is one downside! You have infinite “undos” and “redos”, but Audacity’s modifications are always destructive, so it won’t substitute a professional digital audio workstation, such as Garageband.

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audacity vs Garageband; UI

Straight to the point! GarageBand is clean and performs well because it is developed and coded for a specific platform. The app also benefits from the developmental support of one of the world’s most successful corporations.

Audacity, on the other hand, is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. The system requirements are so simple that any computer that turns on can run the app.

So, as for the interface, the most difficult obstacle for any newcomer will be mastering the UI, which is fairly complex due to the variety of functions available in both apps. However, you may activate and learn the UI asap.

Let’s compare audio editing

We can never decide the winner if we don’t compare audio editing in audacity vs Garageband. Both audacity and Garageband are simple to use for editing audio files. However, you should always know that audacity is a destructive editor!

In simple words, after you’ve made your changes in Audacity, you can’t modify them later. Garageband allows you to travel back in time and reverse some changes, as well as save different versions.

Don’t forget though that Garageband is accessible solely for apple devices. This is beneficial to those who use Apple devices since it ensures that the program was created specifically for them.

Overall, Garageband appears to be easier to learn for audio editing. Audacity may offer more tinkering choices, but they are sometimes too in-depth to produce a music track quickly.

audacity vs Garageband; podcasting

Podcasters frequently have to merge two or more audio tracks at the same time during the audio recording process. Voices from two distinct microphones may need to be edited into a single clear audio file.

Audacity allows you to edit multiple tracks or even have many windows open at the same time. When working with many audio tracks, audacity outperforms Garageband.

When it comes to software that produces professional-sounding podcasts, Garageband remains a step ahead. The reverb effect, ambiance, delay, and panning are among the methods for making your audio files sound more professional.

Which one has better instruments?

Garageband is the galaxy of instruments, loops, and noises. It even contains an amp designer with hundreds of presets and dozens of amplifier/cabinet combinations, as well as microphone kinds and positions.

The Amp Designer is designed for people who wish to utilize Garageband as an amplifier, and it is more than capable of doing so. Of course, if you don’t hate to pay, you can purchase far better ones, such as Blue Cat’s Axe Pack.

Audacity, on the other hand, lacks these functionalities because it is designed to manipulate existing audio rather than produce new music. That is the primary distinction here.

Learning process

Garageband has a video teacher that instructs at the top of the screen, and at the bottom is an animated imitation of their keys or fretboard. Each lesson includes a piece of music that complements the skill being taught, as well as a backup track that the learner may slow down or speed up.

Audacity does not have these kinds of options but let’s be practical! All these videos and teaching courses are available on platforms like Youtube. The only thing that matters is what you want. If you want to learn something, dedicate your time to it.

Other Alternatives for Garageband

GarageBand is a robust digital audio workstation with many features for music creation and podcasting. However, it may not be suitable for everyone. There are lots of different Garageband alternatives available:

Logic pro

Logic pro vs Garageband is more like a brotherly competition because both digital audio workstations are developed by Apple. While GarageBand is a more user-friendly program aimed at inexperienced musicians and podcasters. Logic Pro is a more advanced and powerful software that is targeted at professional musicians, audio engineers, and producers.

FL Studio

The case of Garageband vs fl studio is almost like Logic Pro. While GarageBand is an excellent choice for beginners and hobbyists, FL Studio is better suited for professional audio production and more complex music projects. The main differences between GarageBand and FL Studio are their complexity, feature sets, and target audiences.

audacity vs Garageband; last words

We learned the most important points about Garageband and one of its competitors, Audacity. The truth is both of these apps have their advantages and disadvantages. While Garageband is a more professional choice in music production, Audacity can be one of the best options to edit podcasts. Now it’s your turn! What do you think? Which one would win the audacity vs Garageband battle?