fade in on garageband


If you haven’t heard about GarageBand, this article is for you. Before, musicians could only create music using high-end technologies, including different instruments and expensive musical recordings. This makes creating music difficult. But now it’s the opposite. With the right amount of creativity and skills, technology has enabled us to do things efficiently.

Many technological creations have helped humanity create things that were impossible to do before. Things that are cheaper than that expensive equipment, especially if you are just starting on something. This is where systems like GarageBand come in. This article will not only explore what this software is but will also teach you how to add fade in on Garageband.

fade in on garageband

Exploring Garageband. What is it?

Garageband is one of the software created by Aple Inc. that helps people create their music easily using apple technologies such as mac and iPhone. Along with several other software, they aim to revolutionize technology that makes everything seem possible.
Garageband can be compared to a music studio filled with many pieces of equipment.

The only difference is that it is digitalized, so you can create music just by tapping your devices’ screens.

Other than its general description, there are many features it has that will surely make every music creator fall in love with the software. Below is the list of these:

  • It allows you to create music using real-life instruments. It has digital versions of several instruments that can aid you if you have none of your own. These instruments can be a string and percussion instruments that allow you to record them.
  • If you wish to add some creativity to your music, apple loopholes can help you. It has a compilation of many recorded loopholes that can be searched in this library. Adding it to your music will automatically sync following your music tempo and melody.
  • In creating music, editing, mixing, beat and tempo, transition, and arrangements are part of it. This makes up the technical music and strongly impacts the music’s creativity. You have all access to it, enabling you to control your music however you want.
  • At the same time, you can also harness your musical skills using this software. Part of the system is access to a music lesson. You will learn the theories and technical aspects and the skills of playing.

( if you don’t have garageband in your pc , you can learn how to install garageband for windows in our website )

Garageband History.Where it came from?

Before knowing the steps to add fade in on Garageband, here is some information to help you learn more about the software.

As you have read above, the software is one of the Apple Inc products launched on the 6th of January 2004. This year, Apple Inc. is considered the number 1 biggest technology company worldwide with a revenue of 274.51 billion dollars revenue.

The infamous brand was founded by three known people, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, in April 1976. Tim Cook heads the company as the CEO of the Apple office in Cupertino, United States.

Coincidentally, the company is preparing to release its newest product, the iPhone 14. They have been aiming for the goal of 118 million users based on their forecast for this year compared to the recorded number of users last two years, which was 113.5 million.

How to fade in on Garageband? Steps to do so.

So much for all the details about Apple Inc. This next section will help you learn how to fade in on Garageband. This is important to learn since adding fade in on Garageband can be a trick you can use to improve the overall quality of your music.

You might be wondering why you need to use fade-in. When you combine separate tracks, a popping sound always occurs before thoroughly combining. This is what we call an audio pop. It’s like a little barrier that separates the two despite being merged. This is where fade-in comes in. It will help the two different track blend together into a seamless one music. So when you put a fade in or fade out, it acts as a bridge and removes the audio pop, which undoubtedly affects the quality of the song if not done. Also, fade-in will help your music start softer to louder when listening and won’t blast the music immediately when played.

Steps on Fade in on Garageband

  1. On your screen, open the song you are working on, garageband. View it using the mixer window to have the necessary options needed in the process.
  2. On the life side of your screen, locate the area where you can see all the musical instrument and drag it using a side motion (going to the right).
  3. Now look for mix and click the option named Automation. This will help you fade in on Garageband as it expands the tracks on the screen. You’ll also notice a change in color on the track. This allows you to see the music.
  4. Access the pencil tool at the top left by dragging it. This will allow you to adjust the volume on each track.
  5. At the start of your track, click the volume line to make the volume point. You’ll also notice that a line in the middle appears. This will help you perform the fade-in.
  6. From that point, drag your finger toward where you want to apply the fade in. To stop it, tap at the end of the line.
  7. The volume line and point will determine which part of the music will fade. Repeat the process depending on which you want to apply t on your track. The point symbolizes the start and the end of fade-in, and the line will be the symbol of the in-between points. If you want to make the fade in faster or slower, simply drag the endpoint to the right or left.
  8. Once finished, click done. And now there it is.
Steps on Fade in on Garageband

Garageband Fade in, and podcasting

You can use GarageBand for podcasting because of its handy fade-in feature that allows users to gradually boost the loudness of their audio tracks at the start of a podcast episode. This option makes GarageBand an even better software for recording podcasts.


All the information needed on how to fade in on Garageband. It’s not difficult as it seems as long as you’ll follow all the steps correctly. So even if you use your Macbook, iPhone, or Ipad, fade-in on GarageBand will be a piece of cake.

This is one of the goals as to why Apple Inc. keeps on making different software. To create changes in the environment and help everyone discover their potential. Technology will help every young and starting artist have a footstep forward and access an opportunity to back them up to whatever dream they want to achieve.

Practice a little, look for inspiration, and record and edit. And in no time, you will be able to create a masterpiece of your own, all thanks to the fade-in on Garageband. It simplifies the technical music editors and enables you to do it with a simple tap.