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Nothing makes a musician happy, like making beautiful and catchy music. Garageband is software with the help of which you can edit all kinds of exciting music for free. It is essential to mention that Apple provides this software. For this reason, all owners of Apple devices, such as Mac and iOS, can use it. Do some users have questions about whether there is Garageband for Android? In this article, we intend to address this issue entirely, so stay with us until the end.

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garageband for Android

Is there a Garageband for Android?

As we mentioned, Garageband is one of the most well-known software in music production. Many users have Android smartphones and are looking for Garageband for Android. Unfortunately, this software has not been released for Android, and Apple has no plans for this.

Naturally, Apple considers Android as a competitor to iOS, which is why the release of the Android version will be far from expected. On the other hand, Android users must act quickly for this version to be updated. For this reason, all these factors have joined hands to make users go to other DAWs. For this reason, it is better that you also use other options available for Android.

Decent alternatives to Garageband on Android

Due to the absence of Garageband on Android, it is necessary to find a high-quality alternative for it to have all the positive features simultaneously. Nowadays, many software tries to use the lack of Garageband and attract Android users. For this reason, we will introduce some of the best alternatives to this program, so stay with us.

BandLab software

BandLab is professional music-making software that even amateurs can use effectively. This DAW has an easy-to-use interface, so you will understand it when working with it. Creating a fun environment in this program has made working with it enjoyable. The important thing is that this program is free, and there is no need to pay for its features.

One of the most important disadvantages of BandLab is the presence of many annoying ads displayed while working with the software. Also, this application may face various issues that YOU must manage in the best possible way. Anyway, BandLab will be an attractive choice for you with all its advantages and disadvantages.

BandLab software

FL Studio software

The lack of Garageband for Android has been a problem for many people, and YOU should consider an excellent alternative for it. FL Studio software is one of those that many professional musicians prefer to use.

More than 133 instruments are placed on this platform, along with a drum kit and cut ring beats. You can also do things like exporting MIDI files in the easiest possible way. The ability to share songs in Dropbox is also specially created.

Of course, we should remember that this program also has disadvantages. Lack of optimal workflow is one of these issues that make users suffer. There are also a lot of windows to navigate, which can be annoying. You have to pay $14.99 to use this program.

Walk Band software

If you like to edit your music professionally in the shortest possible time, Walk Band will be a unique choice. More than 50 million downloads are soundproof of Walk Band’s high credibility that you should not forget.

Fortunately, this app can connect a USB MIDI keyboard to your smartphone. It is better to do things such as sound recording in advance so that the music production is completed in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, in some cases, you will notice various bugs while playing with the program. Also, it will not be possible to play the metronome during recording. This program is free, so that anyone can complete the program’s installation with a few simple clicks.

Song Maker software

When Garageband is unavailable for Android, you have no choice but to use apps like Song Maker. This program has a comprehensive sound library that includes various things such as hip-hop, bass, terrace, and metal.

This software considers the presence of a music editor for sounds and loops. In general, this program is helpful for those who want to produce content in a modern way. Of course, you must have correct information about its disadvantages. Overall reviews show that Song Maker cannot be considered a complete DAW.

The structure and features of this item are more similar to an editor and cannot be called a digital audio workstation. Also, the export process in this program sometimes faces problems that YOU must solve immediately. This software is available to you for free, but you must pay $1.99 to unlock all the sounds.

Music Maker Jam software

Many people are looking to find Garageband for Android but need to realize that there is no version for Android. The Music Maker Jam software also provides features such as an eight-channel mixer. For this reason, it can be counted as a reliable alternative. Everyone from beginners to professionals can get help from 100 different styles to make their music.

It will also be possible to edit different sounds innovatively. In this application, you can add your desired song to the top of the beat. You can also apply free effects for more creativity in your shots. Also, voice recording is done in the simplest possible way with this tool.

Of course, this program is mainly recommended for beginners, and it has yet to provide many features for professionals. Also, this program is not recommended for those looking to play the instrument. Currently, the Music Maker Jam program is free, so there is no need to pay for this part.

Music Maker Jam software

What about Garageband online?

Android users can use online tools too! GarageBand is only accessible on macOS and iOS. As a result, there is no official GarageBand online version accessible via a web browser. However, there is some software that you can count as Garageband online.

Soundtrap, BandLab, and Soundation are three web-based music creation tools and online DAWs that offer functionality comparable to GarageBand. These online music production tools enable users to produce and edit music directly in their web browser.


Without a doubt, Garageband is one of the best digital audio workstations in the world, used by thousands of people. Unfortunately, Garageband has yet to be released for Android, so you should use proper and valid alternatives. This article has mentioned some of this software’s advantages and disadvantages. The price of each software was also stated so that you can choose the best software by checking all aspects. We hope that with the help of this article, you can make an intelligent choice. Thank you for being with us until the end.