garageband plugins for vocals


Garageband is one of the best music production and editing tools used by thousands worldwide. To be able to make great music, you need to use different tools in the software. Garageband’s vocal plugins allow you to create and publish the best melodies. For you to get to know these plugins better, we will review them in this article, so stay with us until the end.

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garageband plugins for vocals

Melodyne plugin

If you are looking for the best Garageband plugins for vocals, Melodyne will be one of your best options. In this plugin, it is also possible to export sound in the form of MIDI, which makes it more widespread. If you have created music with your voice or an instrument, you can easily convert it to MIDI and share it with your friends.

Fortunately, Melodyne allows you to find all audio errors. This troubleshooting capability has made it famous, enabling you to create high-quality music. Also, the musician can increase or decrease the vibrato level in the singer’s voice using this plugin. If the reader has paused while working, this plugin will fix that part.

The most significant advantage seen in Melodyne is the ability to adjust the volume without losing quality. You can increase or decrease your voice with this plugin and make the necessary changes. If you want a complete vocal plugin, Melodyne is definitely what you need. Different types of sound changes are possible with this tool’s help, so use this opportunity. The purchase price of this software is only $49.

Bob Perry Noise Gate plugin

If you feel that the default features of Garageband are not enough for you, it is better to go for Bob Perry Noise Gate. If you want to set up your vocals professionally, you need a solid noise input plugin. Fortunately, Bob Perry’s Noise Gate performs well among Garageband’s vocal plugins. There is some audio bleeding when the singer’s headphones audio is included in the audio recording.

Therefore, by having a solid noise input plugin, audio bleeding can solve this problem fundamentally. Removing extra sounds is always an essential concern for composers who use different solutions to solve it. Noise Gate allows you to remove all these disturbing sounds easily.

You can use this plugin, which provides various things such as threshold, attack, and release. Also, the side chain feature is another unique feature considered in this plugin. If you want to use this plugin’s features, you should buy its premium version.

MAutopan vocal plugin

If you’re looking for the best Garageband plugins for vocals, pay special attention to MAutopan. This plugin is a panning tool that musicians need. This tool helps you to change the speed of the audio signal. Also, this plugin can easily adjust the power of panning in this way.

With this tool, you will have different controls on the song, which will multiply its quality. Various functions, such as depth and rate, have been created in this plugin, which allows you to edit all types of sound. It is possible to create different rates; a 20 Hz rate is usually used to make other songs.

Also, if you set the depth as high as possible, the entire path will be rotated left and right. Now you can increase or decrease the depth percentage according to your needs. For example, you can set the depth to 10%, but the movement to the left and right is only partially done. The utopian plugin is an excellent choice for professional composers, so pay attention to it. You need to spend 50 dollars to buy MAutopan.

MChannelMatrix plugin

When we check the list of best Garageband plugins for vocals, the name of the MChannelMatrix plugin also appears in it. This plugin works very well in adjusting the audio signal, which is why it is considered. This tool also allows you to make desired changes in the call, so be careful about this.

You also have the option to leave parts of the signal in different stereo left and right legs. You can increase or decrease the audio signal in any part of the music. It is better to make the signal more substantial in the crucial parts of the music to have a better effect. Various controls can be seen in this plugin, each of which has made the plugin powerful.

For example, input indicates which direction the signal is coming from. The side chain is also considered in this tool, which provides a better opportunity for your use. When you use the input and the side chain at the same time, the output of the work will undoubtedly be of higher quality. You have to consider the cost of 49 euros to prepare MChannelMatrix.

MComb vocal plugin

Accurate and professional tuning of a vocal requires the best Garageband plugins for vocals, which those should prepare as soon as possible. The MComb plugin is one such important tool that acts as a modulator. With this tool’s help, you can correctly manage audio signal frequencies. It is possible to adjust which signals reach the listener’s ears first, which is very important. This plugin also has unique controls that allow you to set up advanced passwords.

For example, you can use gain to determine the volume of the voice. It is also possible to set the frequency based on Hertz. The dry/Wet feature is one of the critical advantages of the MComb plugin, which shows the amount of signal being processed.

This criterion is graded between 0 and 100 percent. When you set this indicator to zero percent, virtually no signal is processed. Output capability is also considered in MComb. The output can accurately determine the total volume of the final movement. If you learn the basics of working with this plugin, you will quickly adjust all kinds of songs. This plugin is worth a try. To buy this plugin without a discount, you have to pay 41 euros.

Who has better vocal plugins?

Regarding GarageBand vs fl studio in vocal plugins, you should know that both GarageBand and FL Studio provide a variety of vocal plugins for improving the quality of vocal recordings.

GarageBand has several vocal plugins, including pitch correction, reverb, and EQ, that may be used to fine-tune vocal recordings. FL Studio also includes auto-tuning, compression, and distortion. Yet, the plugins in FL Studio are typically seen to be more complex and configurable than those in GarageBand.


If you are a singer, you should plan to record and arrange it in Garageband. For this work, be sure to use Garageband plugins for vocals. You can find the best one by comparing different plugins. This article introduced some of the best Garageband plugins for vocals. If you have any experience using these plugins, we will be happy if you share them with us.