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You are here with us in this article! So, the odds are that you are a talented music lover who wants to find the best software available for your creations. There are two big players in this field and today we are going to see who is the winner of this musical battle; Garageband vs FL Studio. Are you ready to watch this fight? Then let’s go!

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What is Garageband and how good is it?

Let’s take a look at Garageband, Apple’s card to play in this musical battle. We all know Apple is somehow bound to music because the company started to grow way faster when it announced its first iPod.

Consequently, Garageband’s development for Apple devices was not shocking or breathtaking. However, we all know Apple doesn’t accept good, and always goes for perfection. That is the very reason why Garageband is free yet so complete.

Apple’s Garageband lets you record different audio tracks and sequence them in any way you want. The application also gives you a variety of effects that you can apply to your recordings and level the whole quality up.

MIDI files can be edited with GarageBand. This means not only does it provide basic editing, but it also provides you with extensive and total control over your music.

You should take note that some MIDI editing features that are available in other digital audio workstations are not available in Garageband. You may also have trouble importing a MIDI file made or modified in another software using GarageBand.

You didn’t think Apple just randomly named the app; did you? As the name of Garageband implies, you receive a selection of samples from various instruments, including a variety of synthetic sounds.

You may utilize these virtual instruments for your music by connecting a MIDI keyboard to your device. Acoustic guitars, hard rock guitars, pianos, basses, drum kits, and other instruments are among them.

Pros and Cons of Garageband

Pros and Cons of Garageband

Okay! For us to take the battle of Garageband vs FL Studio to the next level, we have to list the pros and cons of each of these music editing softwares. So let’s take a look at the list below


● The music composing process has been streamlined.

● Loops of EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, and other genres.

● Make music with 28 drums and three percussionists.

● Change up your sounds with 100 EDM and Hip Hop-inspired synth tones.

● Include free piano and guitar lessons.


● The generated file is rather large.

● Preferences cannot be saved.

● Use a lot of computing resources.

● There are no official GarageBand tutorial videos.

● Non-Apple users are not welcome.

Now it’s time to go for FL Studio, the other fighter of this musical battle…

FL Studio and the power of flexibility

Let’s see the other side of the Garageband vs FL Studio battle. FL Studio is another sophisticated DAW that allows you to easily produce music. And has the advantage of being available for both Windows and Mac.

The user interface of FL Studio is quite effective and easy to understand. It is possible to resize whatever you like, even while working with many monitors. Moreover, multi-touch actions are possible if you have a touch display.

For those who prefer the modularity of the UI. A window appears when you require a tool or perform an action. You also have the option to personalize things to your liking, making it easier to produce music.

Above all, FL Studio is an excellent alternative for those who like professional-sounding songs and is perfect for makers of hip-hop and electronic dance music.

You may use this functionality to construct loops, breakdowns, and builds. Just remember that you’ll be using small snippets rather than long songs. A variety of time signatures are available for use, and you can adjust the time signature by adding markers to your Playlist and individual Patterns.

FL Studio includes several virtual instruments. However, you will have limited options with what they provide in the free version.

There is also a good range of effects plugins, which should be sufficient for most users. Convolver and other delay tools would be ideal for you. Alternatively, you may experiment using Riff Machine or Graph Editor.

It is important to know that FL Studio is available in four different versions:

● Fruity

● Producer

● Signature

● All Plugins Bundle

The Fruity version is suitable if you simply want the essential features and functionality. However, if you want to use all of the audio capabilities and additional plugins, you may pick between the Produce and Signature editions.

If you’re serious about making music, the All Plugins Bundle is your best choice, with its comprehensive collection of effects, instruments, and everything Image-Line has to offer.

Pros and Cons of FL Studio

Time to add some fire to this Garageband vs FL Studio comparison! Let’s check the pros and cons of FL Studio and see if this software can beat Apple’s Garageband.


● Rich Virtual Effects and Tools

● FL Studio Has A Mobile Version

● There is a Video Editor Included in the app

● Newtone And Pitcher


● Difficulties at handling Automation Clips

● The recording process is a bit tricky

● Limitations In The Trial Version

● Location Of Controls

Finally, we are at the end of this fight! It’s time to compare all we learned through this article and see the result of the Garageband vs FL Studio competition.

Garageband vs FL Studio; final words

garageband vs fl studio

GarageBand has a Mac, iPhone, and iPad version with almost identical capabilities. You can save your music files to the cloud and continue your work on other Apple devices.

On the other hand, FL Studio offers several features and capabilities. The visual automation that makes your audio files easier to manage, as well as the loops and patterns that allow for easy MIDI composition, are the highlights of these capabilities.

In GarageBand vs FL Studio, most things come to taste. GarageBand is the DAW version of Canva, a famous internet tool for quickly creating posters and images. Meanwhile, FL Studio would be the Adobe Photoshop of digital audio workstations.

If you have a Mac, GarageBand is the best alternative because FL Studio is very new to the operating system and has several functions that are not currently available. Of course, if you’re using a Windows system, you’re out of luck and must resort to FL Studio or install Garageband with our guide.

Remember that GarageBand is simpler to use than FL Studio, although this ease of use has downsides. GarageBand does not come with as many functions as FL Studio. You may, however, discover lessons and spend some time studying the program, which will pay off since you will be able to generate professional-quality songs.