how to share garageband projects


If you are someone who enjoys music and likes to produce impressive tracks, you should know Garageband already. Sometimes you want to share these projects with your friends or coworkers. So, the real question is how How to share Garageband projects? In this article, we will answer this question and learn new things…

This modern world of ours is bound to the internet and sharing. It doesn’t matter what you are doing! You should always be able to share your work. Before we learn to share our projects in Garageband, we will take a tour and see what Garageband is capable of.

( if you don’t have garageband in your pc , you can learn how to install garageband for windows in our website )

how to share garageband projects

What is GarageBand? Is there any sharing system?

GarageBand can eliminate the need for pricey audio equipment and studio time for musicians. The application’s various functionalities are easy to browse because of the simplified design and editing tools.

The app also introduces instruments and loops to ensure that users can handle anything. This software sets everyone up in a default condition, allowing users to customize and extend their experience.

There are built-in guitar and keyboard lessons, including a popular teachable feature. Using the Touch instruments, you can follow along with 40 different genre-based sessions. Now let’s get back to our topic and see How to share Garageband projects.

How to share Garageband projects; first steps

First things first! All the methods below have a first step. When you open your GarageBand software, you’ll have access to nine different options in Software’s header:

● File

● Edit

● Track

● Record

● Mix

● Share

● View

● Window

● Help

Of course, we will discuss the sharing option to answer our question about how to share Garageband projects. Move your mouse and clock on Share.

A small drop-down window will open up and give you eight options for sharing your Garageband projects. These options are:

● Song to iTunes

● Song to Media Browser

● Song to SoundCloud

● Airdrop

● Mail

● Burn to CD

● Export song to disk

● Project to GarageBand for iOS

We won’t talk about burning to CD because it’s not as helpful as it once was. Most people use USB or cloud storage for sharing their files. Another option we won’t discuss is Song to Media Browser, which will export your File to GarageBand’s media browser for later use.

Share your GarageBand project on Soundcloud.

Yes! You can share your music directly on SoundCloud using the sharing option. Soundcloud is a free online audio file-sharing service for those who don’t know.

To do so, Simply go to and create an account, and then when you pick this option, you’ll be able to connect to your account from GarageBand and upload your project directly from here to share with others.

This is the most practical alternative for instantly sharing your track with others rather than using a USB or sending a large audio file to someone.

With a Soundcloud account, you can upload your music directly from this page and then send a link to your friends, allowing them to listen to your song online from any device with an internet connection.

Export your track directly.

It may be the most straightforward answer to how to share Garageband projects; you can export your files directly and share them however and whenever you want.

In other words, storing the file somewhere else on your computer is a simple choice when you want to export your music but want to keep it from your social media platforms.

You’ll have access to different quality options, but you don’t have the opportunity to add any data like artist, album, and composer information to your track.

Simply name your file, choose a location to save it, select a quality level, then click Export to produce the file. You may distribute the file in any way you choose once it’s saved.

You might want to know how to export Garageband to mp3. It’s easy to convert a GarageBand project to an MP3 file. Then, select “Export Music to Disk” from the main menu. Finally, pick “MP3” as the file format and the desired quality parameters. Now, navigate to the location where you want to save the MP3 file and click Export.

Export your track to iTunes.

You’ll have to upload the song to iTunes using the option under the share window. Select this option to save the music to your iTunes collection.

The iTunes option opens a box where you can enter the song data, which will appear in your iTunes Library, iPod, or any other device that can play this file.

By default, GarageBand names the song after the file name, followed by the date and time, but you can modify the Title and add any other information you like. You can also choose your track’s quality.

Use Email or Airdrop to share GarageBand projects.

The Mail sharing option allows you to export your GarageBand project and attach it to an email. For this to work, you’ll need an active email account.

Just check the Song in the Mail pane that appears, and then pick the project’s quality. Finally, Click the Share button.

When GarageBand has finished processing the song, a new Mail message box with your music file attached will open. Enter your recipient’s email address, and you’re all set.

AirDrop is another answer to How to share Garageband projects. This option allows you to share your song with another Apple device on your network.

If the person you want to share your music with is at home with their Apple device, you can select this option to export a version of the song directly to their computer. You can use this option to work on your projects on different Apple devices.

Made a ringtone? Why not!

Share as Ringtone to iTunes is another option in the Share menu. This one is only available when your project is a ringtone. Ringtones must be 40 seconds or less and will be exported in the.mr4 format used for iPhone ringtones.

Project to GarageBand for iOS

As we discussed in our article, our modern world is about sharing and accessibility. Apple, the tech company it is now, knows this key point.

The Project to GarageBand for iOS option will let you work on your projects using iOS-powered devices. This option will get all your project tracks, combine them as one track, and upload the final file to your cloud.

This way, you can access your project on your iOS device using the cloud. You can continue editing on your iPad or iPhone and upload it to the cloud. So you can again access the file on your mac device.

How to share Garageband projects; last words

We learned how to share GarageBand projects. We hope this article comes in handy when you need it the most. There might be other options for sharing your projects. Do you know any of them that are not in our article? Please share it with us.