uninstall garageband


Many musicians are looking for a top-notch digital audio workstation in terms of features and capabilities. Fortunately, Garageband is a unique choice for owners of Apple devices, which you can use to create different types of music. Some users want to uninstall Garageband after some time. This is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. To better understand this issue, we will explain how to do it.

uninstall garageband

The easiest way to uninstall Garageband on Mac OS

To uninstall Garageband from Mac operating system, you must go through the steps. Some methods take more time, so finding an alternative way can be very effective in this field. To quickly uninstall this app, first go to About This Mac. After entering the new page, find the ‘Storage’ option and click on it. This process will display a section called the ‘Manage’ section, which you should also click on.

After this step, the system will show a new ‘Music Creation’ page. In this section, there is an item named ‘Remove Garageband Sound Library option.’ The ‘Sound Library’ will be completely removed by clicking on it. Then you need to go to the ‘screen saver’ section and click on the ‘GO’ option to open ‘Applications.’ In this section, find Garageband, right-click on it, and finally select the ‘Move to Trash’ option. This removal method is only for heavy Garageband files and will not delete them.

Altogether remove the Garageband from the Mac computer

If you want to uninstall Garageband completely, you need to follow the steps one by one. For this, first, you need to go to ‘screensaver.’ In the upper bar, you can see the ‘GO’ option, which you can see many options by keeping the mouse on it. Click on the Applications option among the displayed items.

By doing this, the window related to the installed applications will open for you. On this page, you must search for Garageband among different programs. If you find it hard to search manually, use the ‘search’ function for this. Once you find the app, you can quickly grab it and trash it. Of course, you also have the opportunity to right-click on it and then use the delete option.

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Uninstall Garageband Sound Library

There are many ways to uninstall Garageband, each with its own advantages. Garageband is uninstalled in the previous method we discussed, but to delete “Sound Library,” you have to go another way. For this, you need to go to “screensaver” again. After entering the desired page, click on the “About This Mac” option. Then select “Manage” in the “Storage” section. By clicking on ‘Music Creation,’ you will notice that it is taking up much of your computer’s memory space.

In the end, you delete all the information related to the sound library by selecting the ‘Remove Garageband Sound Library’ option. As you can see, uninstalling this part is easy, and you will not face any particular problem. You were thinking a little more before the deletion

process is better, so you are okay with losing your data.

Remove Garageband MIDI drivers and plugins.

Most users install different plugins to use Garageband as well as possible. Also, MIDI drivers, among other things, significantly increase the capabilities of this software. After you have uninstalled Garageband, it is better to remove these items as well. In this regard, you must go back to “screen saver.” In this section, go to the ‘go’ option again and keep the option key on the keyboard.

If you do this correctly, the library tab will be displayed for you. Once you have done this, select the ‘Audio’ option in this section. This method will display all the audio components for you, and you can finalize their uninstallation as you wish. Things like VST, MIDI, and Apple loops can be seen in this section, which you can quickly delete. The important thing is that with this process, almost every file related to Garageband will be deleted entirely, and you will free the memory space.

Uninstall Garageband from iOS 14.5 devices

Many users use Garageband on their iOS devices. Therefore, there must be a great way to uninstall Garageband from these devices easily. For this, you need to find the Garageband option on your mobile phone’s Home screen. Then tap on the logo of this program and keep it until different options are displayed for you.

The first option with the name ‘remove app’ is clear to you, and you should click on it. By doing this, you will be asked to delete the program. If you select the ‘remove from home screen’ option, Garageband will only disappear from the phone screen, but it will still be in the ‘app library. If you want to use the complete deletion option, click on ‘delete app.’ The program will be removed entirely from the mobile by doing these steps.

How to remove Garageband on iOS 10 devices

Every year, Apple company provides a newer version of the iOS operating system, which is very important. The process of uninstalling Garageband is different in older iOS versions, such as version 10, because in these cases, the pop-up does not appear by holding the Garageband option. In this method, you must first find the Garageband icon and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.

By doing this process, X will be seen on the icon. By clicking again, a window will be displayed to uninstall this program. You must click on the red ‘delete’ option at this stage. After this step, you will remove the application entirely from your mobile, and no data will remain.

Uninstall Garageband? Use the online version!

If you want to make and edit music online, you might wonder if there is a version of GarageBand that you can use in your browser. Sadly, GarageBand is only available on macOS and iOS devices. Therefore, no official GarageBand online version is available. However, Soundtrap, BandLab, and Soundation, for example, are web-based music creation programs with comparable characteristics.


Garageband is one of the best music production and editing programs offered to musicians to date. This program works well on Mac and iOS devices; anyone can use this free program. Some users are looking to uninstall Garageband for various reasons, and several ways exist. In this article, we have explained this program’s uninstallation methods to you. We hope you can easily remove this program by using the mentioned instructions.